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Educational psychology is concerned with how students of all ages learn and develop, often focusing on subgroups such as gifted children and those with specific difficulties.

We carry out Educational Psychology assessments at our office in Rathmines, Dublin and sometimes in schools in Dublin. These assessments help to find out about a student's particular learning style which helps the student's educational and psychological development and enables us to provide solutions to learning, behavioural and inter-personal issues.

The purpose of the Educational Psychology assessment is to find out what the client's difficulties are and then to give solutions to the client, parents and their teachers. Generally the clients (many of whom are aged between 5 and 18 years old) come to us once and we then write a full, comprehensive report, within two weeks, including the results of the assessment, conclusions and recommendations.

Psycho-educational assessments play a very important role in:

    • Dyslexia (specific learning difficulties), Dyscalculia or Dysgraphia
    • General Learning Difficulties
    • Speech and Language Disorders
    • Dyspraxia (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)
    • Autism
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) of innatentive or impulsive type, Asperger's syndrome
    • Emotional and Behavioural Issues
    • Non-verbal learning difficulties
    • Giftedness
    • Concentration and Attention
    • Motivation difficulties