Video Assessment & Client Feedback

Video Assessment

We have expanded our practice to include video assessment and consultation to offer a service to those who cannot attend the practice in Rathmines.

The assessments are essentially the same as the face to face assessments which take place in the office. Since April 2020 Rosalind and Anita (Educational Psychologists) are meeting people aged 11 and older, to carry out intelligence and or academic (literacy/numeracy) tests with schoolchildren, students and adults who want to find out more about their abilities and difficulties.

Video consultation is working very well (via Zoom) and we, (both the psychologists and the clients who have had video assessments), are very happy with this way of working (see the reviews below). The process is straightforward and there is a good rapport throughout the assessment.

The session usually takes about three hours and includes the introduction, testing, and discussion of the results and recommendations. A detailed written report is sent out promptly after the assessment and feedback session and once the invoice has been settled. .

Cathy, the practice manager, would be happy to discuss these video assessments with you. She is available on 00 353 1 4966 994 or email for further information.

Thank you.

Feedback from Clients


Rosalind is a very professional, understanding and genuine person who is highly skilled in her field. She confirmed today what I had suspected for a long time which brought me relief. I would highly recommend Rosalind, thanks again, C.


Hi Rosalind

We are replying to your query as to how we found [our son’s] Educational psychology assessment went via video link, myself and Mags thought that the assessment went very well and being via video didn’t take anything away from the high quality of assessment that we received from you.

When we talked to Anita after the assessment we could tell by the way that she was talking about [our son] that she had got a very accurate reading of him. It was probably to our advantage that it was via video as [our son] became ill on the original date that the assessment was scheduled and we were able to easily reschedule, this might not have been so easy if he had an appointment. It also took out the traveling in the current environment. [Our son] said that he found the process ‘good’ and knowing him you could tell he was very comfortable in his own setting.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a very professional service

[Parent 1, Parent 2, Son].


Hi Rosalind,

It was great to meet you again (virtually). [Son] and [Daughter] both enjoyed their session with you and came out smiley and happy. This is my strongest memory of the previous four face to face sessions the kids have had with you, they always came out walking that bit taller and with a pep in their step as they had got such a confidence boost and reminder of what they are great at. I was wondering would they get the same confidence boost from a virtual session and they absolutely did.

I was thinking when I booked the sessions via Zoom, what the experience would be like and how it compared to face to face. Personally, I found it great. The engagement and interaction was the same as face to face. The added benefit was not having to take time off work and travel to the appointments. I could attend the beginning and the end as needed and then do my own work when you were working with the kids. I was able to get what I wanted out of the session just the same as face to face. My concerns addressed/questions answered etc.

I asked both of my kids how they found the sessions and they both said great and that they enjoyed them, I asked about what it was like via zoom v's face to face they said, 'the same really'.

Thanks again Rosalind, I really appreciate your talent with the kids, making them feel at ease and giving them such a confidence boost as well as delivering an excellent assessment and good suggestions of how to give the kids the help they need.

Kind Regards

[Client 3]


Hi Rosalind,

................."Recently I attended a consultation and assessment with RK Bishop & Co. Educational Psychology via zoom. This is my fifth visit (and first as an adult), so I have the opportunity to compare the virtual experience to my previous traditional consultations with Rosalind and I can vouch that this was a consistently positive experience. Rosalind, as always, was kind, astute, and professional throughout, with keen observations that I am delighted to have received. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Zoom consultation and assessment as a service for learning and development."

Thanks again

Kind regards,

[Client 4]